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 Korriban- That darned Redack

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PostSubject: Korriban- That darned Redack   Mon Jan 05, 2009 7:24 pm

Thesus set his foot upon the planet Korriban, finally imploring himself to see the ravages that Redack had caused, though by the hand of Malas. The former Dark Lord had seen to it that Korriban, the homeworld of the Sith with millenias upon millenias worth of history, was torched so that the usually barren wasteland was nothing more but an arid desert. The air seemed lifeless and bitter, the ground limp and fragile, and the vibrant dark side that was once intoxicating felt bleak and tasteless; it was as if the evil of Malas had tainted evil itself.

Brushing off the sudden chill that ran down his spine, Thesus spun upon his heel and headed back to his ship. To see the sole planet that had crept into his heart, though unknowingly at first, destroyed with one simple order was utterly without class, even for a Sith. Malas would be hard to find, he always is, but his lackey? The Wayland Empire doesn't go unnoticed.

[Just retracting my retirement; post closed. ;D]
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Korriban- That darned Redack
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