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 Brentaal IV- The Closing Darkness

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PostSubject: Brentaal IV- The Closing Darkness   Mon Jan 12, 2009 10:44 am

((RPing as: Redack & Atrum

For details of the Wayland Empire visit:

"When you look at it, what do you see?" Redack asked his only son. A flash of green light, comming in through the viewing window, lit up his equally green Clawdite face.

"Murder. Pointless destruction." Atrum Ingenium said. Many would wonder why Atrum's surname was nor Valor, after Redack's real name, or D'Zor after his adopted name. The truth was Atrum hated his own father. Having to obey his orders didn't make things much better but what could you do when Redack was willing to let the super AI known as CABAL terminate your life with but the blink of its eye. The two of them stood watching as a massive collection of Wayland Empire ships were bombarding both orbital stations, shipyards and the planet's surface not caring if they hit civillian or military targets.

"The rival families that govern this planet paid for us to kill the others... Quite heavily too. Of course they didn't realise I was taking money from them all." Redack said, the command ship known as 'Seth' fired its two massive plasma cannons again, unleashing two green balls of plasma. Colliding with one of the orbital spacestatiosn that was returning fire- only to have its red laserfire be absorbed into the darkness of minature black holes. Redack always had wanted to thank the Vong for being idiots, thanks to them he had dovin basals, making his ships that extra bit supperior to his enemies. Some stray shots did manage to get past the black holes though, only to hit the advanced 'bubble' shields that were equiped on 'Seth'. Of course, the growth of dovin basals was limited to command ships or important ships. Redack didn't have enough of the resources required and he didn't particullary like the idea of vongforming his own worlds. "I'll have to send you down after the fighting has finished to personally thank whatever of the families are left."

"Allied fleet approaching." CABAL's, near human but still very robotic, voice stated on the ship's comm system.

On the far side of the spacial battlefield several flashes of light revealed fifty Lucrehulk Battleships emerge from hyperspace. Followed by six large vessels, each carry cresent shaped arcs in tractor beams. This was then followed by fifty Imperial class Star Destroyers... This fleet did not join the attack force- which consisted of: Seth, Sekhmet and Anubis, ten Wayland class Eclipse Warships, two Killik Nest Ships (Shard class Capital Ships) and fifty Wraith Hive Ships... Instead the new assisting fleet took up a position away from the planet and the six large carrier vessels began assembling the cresent arcs. Eventually they would connect to form a massive circular hypergate.

"Another technology I stole and then put to better use than its origional owners." Redack said, more to himself than anything else but still very audiable. "We'll set up one of the gates here and another at the edge of the Coruscant system... Ever since Dooku ruined our plans last tiem we used these i've had nothing to use the remaining ones on."

"You do remember what happened last time you invaded Coruscant, right?" Atrum asked, mocking his dad. Though he knew Redack's insanity and desire to rule the Galaxy somehow didn't affect his decision making and planning.

"Who will stop me? The Jedi fleets haven't been seen for a long time, though I doubt their firepower would be enough to defeat the Wayland Empire now." Redack stated and he quickly realised he'd ignored the possibility of Sith intervention. "As for the Sith, my guess is they've got bored with me... Or they don't care about my little existance... Either way there is little they can do. I'm sure most of them know by now that killing me won't work."

After that silence fell over the command room on the command ship 'Skehmet'. They both stood and watched as the Wayland Empire fleet continued to slaughter the planet's defences. All that was certain for this world was that once the invasion was over, Redack would deploy two nests of Killiks onto the planet and make the population become joiners to ensure complete loyalty...
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Brentaal IV- The Closing Darkness
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