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 Muunilinst - Money Money Money

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PostSubject: Muunilinst - Money Money Money   Wed Jan 14, 2009 3:53 pm

((Informational Post.

Character in Play: Jerex Ak'Chazar))

It was an easy task that Jerex had. His job was just to kill the leader of the banking clan and ruin the stock market for the republic. President Katin Morello was the unlucky leader at the time. It was time she met her gruesome end. As usual, the President was was working late in her office while everyone else had left for the evening. This was the perfect opportunity to commence with what he had planned for the woman.

Light was bent around his body to render him invisible from sight while he was also gone from the Force. No one would be able to detect him as he slipped into the main bank and headed towards the President's office. Not even another Force user would be able detect him. Slipping by the security guards was a piece of cake since some had unknowingly opened the doors for Jerex along his path. So far this job looked like it'd be too easy.

Katin lifted her head towards the door as it opened. She waited a moment for someone to enter before going to check it out. Seeing no one was in the hall, Katin closed the door and headed back to her desk. She made it half way across the room when she felt a hand wrap around her mouth to silence her and an arm around her body to hold her still. Her body tried to resist the fierce grip of her invisible attacker but failed. There was nothing she could do.

Jerex slipped out of his stealth technique with his head placed next to Katin's. He smiled before speaking softly into her ear. His voice was matured like an adult but it held the innocence of a child.

"Fear not for tonight you die."

Jerex closed his eyes as he used Psychometry on the Muun. He saw the passwords she entered into the computer and how to access the stock market as well as all the accounts in the bank. His eyes opened as his smile widened. His arm moved from her mouth and around her neck. In mere moments, she fell to the floor unconscious. He sat the computer and quickly went to work with half of his task after some personal matters were taken care of. First he brought up the account for the Ak'Chazar family and the main banking clan's account. With a little work, Jerex wired a great deal of funds into Palin's account. This would be enough to please his mother. Next he created an account for himself and wired a large amount of money from the Banking Clan, planetary governments, and even large businesses into his own account. Not only would this help ruin the Republic, but it'll prove a good gain to Jerex personally. Finally he finished up with crashing all the stocks. Half of his mission was finished. Now it was time for the real fun.

The next day when the first person to discover the scene finds they body of Katin Morello, they would come to witness a sight of pure terror and anyone who used Psychometry would be scared for life by what they saw. They would first witness how the biceps in her arms were ripped from the ligaments at the shoulder and pulled out of the skin as she screamed in pain while the muscles in her forearms were torn from the elbow and ripped out as well. The blood poured from the wounds as the process was repeated the muscles in her thigh and calves. Her body was then nailed to the wall by the muscles with her arms stretched outward.

Before the Muun could drift into unconsciousness followed by death from the blood loss, Jerex would thrust the razor finger tips of his right gauntlet in the center of her chest followed by the left gauntlet and rip her chest open. The blood poured from the cavity with death being instant. Next they would see Katin's head being ripped from her body and placed on the desk. Two of her hearts were placed into her hands while the third was taken with her stomach. With his razor claw, Jerex made a slice along the back of the removed head from the base up to the top of the crown so that he could peel off the face. Next was the removal of the eyes and brain, which was set on the desk. With an empty skull, Jerex filled it with what he could of the blood left in the Muun's body. He then added the eyes to float around and the third heart. The rest of the internal organs had been scattered around the office in various places. The rested on a lamp shade while the kidney's were placed in the chair.

Whenever the poor soul that finds the bloody mess, that was once the Banking President and her now blood spattered office, and turned to leave, they would find Katin's face nailed to the wall next to the door with her brain nailed on the other side of the door.

((Post Closed))

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Muunilinst - Money Money Money
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