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 A calm night in the country side of Naboo.

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The Dark Scythe


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PostSubject: A calm night in the country side of Naboo.   Wed Jan 14, 2009 4:16 pm

There was a large senatorial rally in a few days and half of the senators decided to take their families on holiday to Naboo before the rally began.

On this night a small group of twenty or so senators that were vacationing together in the same country village went out for some evening drinks and casual conversation.

“Wait! What are you doing?! Don’t you know who we are? Stop this!”

The tavern was currently pitch-black and filled with a thick musty air that smelled of blood and seared flesh. Aside from one man who was currently cowering in the corner as he yelled out into the darkness the place was silent.

“You think killing us will change something? We have replacements! People even stronger than us will take our place!”

The man was suddenly shut up as a three foot curved blade which looked like a scythe made of crimson light was ignited inches from his face. The red light coming from the lightscythe’s blade was just enough to illuminate the senator’s old pale face which was now struck with fear, as well as the image of the dark hooded figure that was now chuckling just loud enough to be heard of the low hum of the blade. The chuckle sounded more like a hiss and continued on as the hooded figure spoke in a heartless voice that one would easily be able to imagine a serpents voice to sound like if it could speak.

“Is that so, stronger? Hm… If these people you speak of really exist than maybe they will pose more of a challenge. Besides the humor in your patheticness I have not been amused. Killing all of you has been rather disappointing.”

The man’s face one of baffled bewilderment when he heard the last comment of the assassin, and he spoke with a stutter as he asked a question of the assassin.”

“A-a-all of us…?”

The assassin narrowed his eyes in the shadows of his hood and leaned in closer to the senator as he also moved the blade of the scythe not but a centimeter from the senator’s nose. All was silent for a long moment apart from the senator’s deep frightened breaths and the hum of the crimson laser blade. Then with a stern hiss the assassin answered the question which was all too obvious.

“Yes. You are the last of the living senators on this planet.”

The assassin let out a quick laugh before continuing.

“Yesterday at the senators banquet which you did not attend the food and air was poisoned. No one survived. You are lucky that you didn’t go. You would have probably brought your family and they would be dead too now wouldn’t they?”

The assassin let out a tired sigh and spoke one now seeming to be bored.

“Since then I have killed off each and every senator who did not go to the banquet, making sure to reach every one before news that their lives were in danger reached them.”

The senator’s eyes widened in shock and it seemed he could not say a thing as the assassin continued to speak.

“You are the last one, and I tell you all this because…”

There was a quick movement lade with the red blade of the scythe before the red blade vanished and all was black and quiet once again aside from a single thump of a head hitting the floor. A few moments later the front door of the tavern opened and a figure clad in heavy black robes with a black staff in its right hand exited. The assassin said one last thing before heading to the outskirts of the village where his ship was hidden.

“Mission complete…time for a drink and a nice rest.”
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A calm night in the country side of Naboo.
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