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 Dxun- a Thesus of his own

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PostSubject: Dxun- a Thesus of his own   Wed Jan 14, 2009 6:21 pm

"...How long has it been...?"

This sole thought seemed to crash above the waters of darkness within his mind, causing a cascading effect of questions that drenched the thirst of unconsciousness that threatened to drag him into once again. Everything seemed disordered, a blip upon the face of reality he knew so well. The pain was finally subsiding, numbing down so to feel the touch upon his skin. He knew he was naked so far, the cold air perverted his skin and a shiver ran down his spine before breaking off into a new wave of pain that shuddered to a hault at his feet; shattered glass punctured the skin of his legs, and so the cold puddle he lay in was his own blood. Dare he open his eyes to witness the confirmation his thoughts had come to? Trying to pull himself from the enticing welcome of sleep once more, the light wanted him to suffer as his pupils grew to the width of a pin, squinting the pain it created away. The room he was in stuttered with the flickering light, causing false silhouettes to raise the anxiety within him to a new height, but one thing was certain; he had no idea where he was.

His body felt as fragile as the glass it lay on, and his mind even more so. Lying here in a puddle of his own despair would solve nothing, he thought, and with a grunt managed to push himself up into a sitting position. He had no idea what he was leaning against, but the cold metallic touch pervaded him once more only to make him realise how naked he was. Spotting what appeared to be a lab coat strewn across a now dead terminal, he managed to push himself up onto his legs which shook beneath him. He snatched the coat and wrapped himself within it, trying to recover some warmth and die down the constant shivering of his body. Taking one more look at the room, three cylindrical pods rested against the far side of the room; the two on either side were intact while the third, it's glass door lay shattered, obviously what was imbedded into his body. Turning away, he pushed himself out of the room, looking for any evidence of where he was, and how to get the hell out of here.

The building was a maze. Each room connected together with a glass hallway, and only the moonlight managed to break through the unwavering darkness. Sitting upon a desk within one of the rooms, a datapad in hand illuminated his face the first time; grey eyes scanned the information on the datapad, often obscured as waves of curly black hair fell away from being tucked behind his ears; and a face as thin as his lips, silently reading a long. He had been sitting here for a while now. Various datapads were hapharzadly thrown across the desk; some flashing briefly before comlpetely dying out. Reading the last few words, the man stood up with a knowing glint in his eye; Thesus had returned.
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Dxun- a Thesus of his own
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