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 Kashyyyk - Life is a Death Sentence

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PostSubject: Kashyyyk - Life is a Death Sentence   Wed Jan 14, 2009 8:28 pm

Deep in the lush forests of Kashyyyk, in a place where the phrase "out of the way" was not only an understatement, but a blunt lie, perched the small human sanctuary of Roslin. It was a place not unlike thousands of others scattered beneath the large trees that made up a majority of Kashyyyk, but unlike most things common in galactic life, few ever even knew these places existed, and even fewer cared to visit them anyway. The only visitors of the sanctuary were of wookie decent, and wookies aren't the most sociable creatures, as can be imagined, thus the small village of Roslin and its community were on their own. The rural community stayed true to its roots, farming the same plot of land with the same kinds of plants that their ancestors passed down to them. A rather bland town to say the least. Youth were implemented into the year round labor system as early as age ten, and seeing as it was all they knew none questioned the importance of farming a small plot of land every month and every year until they produced children to start the cycle over again. And again, and again, and again.

But this is the tale of one individual in particular, which means that perhaps even the isolated village of Roslin produced "kinks" in the system here and there. Or atleast that's what the villagers would have called the young man known as Clint around the community. Most frowned upon the very sight of the boy when he was seen walking the dusty roads of the town on his way from here to there.

He refuses his father's hard earned land! He dresses like a townie! He has no goal in life! Mercilessly they screamed at him as he would pass on the streets. Perhaps it was out of spite for his rebellious nature, but deep down each and everyone knew why they did the things they did to the boy. They were terrified of the child. Perhaps his outlandish behavior was what did it, or maybe they thought he would spread his beliefs to the rest of the town's youth. Or maybe there was something more. It didn't matter, at this point the boy's age, seventeen, was far too old to be corrected and he himself was far too young to understand fully why the town acted out against him the way they did. Perhaps some day he would understand his true destiny.

Today was almost as routine as any, the boy sat perched upon Mount Hood, a small cliff that overlapped the smaller trees at the south end of the village. Because of the height from mountainous region, the boy's secret spot sat in one of the rare areas in which sunlight reached the ground on Kashyyyk. Clint was sprawled out lazily across the large rock bed he had made years ago when he started leaving town to visit this place. His legs, which used to fit comfortably at the edge of this stone hung loosely over the side now. His baggy fit black denims rippled wildly in the acute winds rolling down off eastern edge of the rock, and some of the breeze caught his plain white tee shirt, picking it up and exposing his lower abdomen and belly button for brief stints. His long, black hair was sheltered from the sudden bursts of mother nature in the cove edge of his rock, and only his bangs moved gently to and fro every so often tickling his nose.His once bright and vibrant red cheeks were slightly sagged and colorless now, and his bright brown eyes told the tale of this desperate soul.

Sadness and fatigue had set in on the boy, and he was in a paradox of suffrage at this point in his life. Never had the choices been so difficult as now, because for the first time in his life, he was uncertain his own judgment was even the path he should be following. For many days now those brown eyes peered closely at the edge of that cliff, wondering perhaps, if it would be easier to just end it right there. Everyone dies sometime, and he had nothing of interest to live for, so why stay on this earth. This dull, dull earth he called home. Suicide had never really crossed his mind before, yet he couldn't help the temptation now. He was mentally being broken down as each waking day rolled by, and it was slowly but persistently killing him.

(Thought I would contribute to the forum for the first time in awhile =P Anyone can join, he doesn't know any force powers yet. Also, sorry for the sloppiness, I wrote this in thirty minutes while I was bored lol)
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Kashyyyk - Life is a Death Sentence
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