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 Sith Empire Production and Enlisting

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PostSubject: Sith Empire Production and Enlisting   Thu Jan 15, 2009 11:08 am

-Yaga Minor War Factories:

The Yaga Minor WorkForce is currently working on a VII Day Plan.

Current construction capacity and distribution:

Monday: 200.000 Battle Droids (fully equiped with integrated blaster side-arm, assault blaster-rifle)

Tuesday: 14.000 Utility Droids (Labor Force) 50.000 Battle Droids 6.000 Tactical Artillery Units (Effective range of up to 53 miles with anti-air gun capability)

Wednesday: 8.000 Terrestrial Transports (Hover, capable of moving up to 50 droid units, 30 humans) 4.500 Aerial Transports (Ceiling at 15.000 feet, capable of transporting platoons of up to 28 droids) 2.000 Orbital Transports (Capable of moving up to 2000 droids at a time for quick mobilization of troops)

Thursday: 7.000 Light Tanks (Intended for anti-personel uses, weaponry is a heavy blasters and small howitzer, vulnerable to anti-armor rounds and missles) 3.700 Heavy Tanks (Capable of destroying other vehicles with a large main gun, which's destructive force is equal to that of a modern day high-explosive charge. Can pierce medium armor. Is slow but well defended. One repeating blaster rifle for anti-infantry uses) 200 Tactical Nuclear Weapons (0.8 Megaton)

Friday: 200.000 Battle Droids

Saturday: 140.000 Battle Droids 30.000 Heavy Battle Droids (Repeating blaster, heavy armor; no side arm or melee weapon)

Sunday: 12.000 Utility Droids 30.000 Battle Droids 1.000 Light Tanks 3.000 Aerial Transport 6.000 Terrestrial Transports 1.000 Orbital Transports

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PostSubject: Re: Sith Empire Production and Enlisting   Thu Jan 15, 2009 11:11 am

My fleet is yours. :]
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Sith Empire Production and Enlisting
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