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 Anaxes- Through power, I gain victory.

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PostSubject: Anaxes- Through power, I gain victory.   Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:37 am

((Character: Jacen Valor AND Atrum Ingenium

Any bounty hunters that are reading this, if you're not interested in most of the post then skip the end section of speach))

"Good. You learn quickly." Belia Darzu's Force Phantom said to him. In truth he'd learned it instanlty by using Psychometry on the spirit and witnessed her learning the ancient techniques known as 'Mechu-deru' and 'Mechu-deru vitae'. The only reason Jacen had kept the spirit around was to ensure he made no mistakes, which he had already done twice. Knowing a technique was one thing, but understanding how to use it was different.

"Lets just say i've made a few alterations to my physical existance." Jacen stated and banished the Force Phantom. It had taught him what he needed and so it was no longer needed. As cruel as that might sound, it was necessary. The ancient Sith he kept reviving through Force Phantoms were extremely powerful and, although he was now even strogner than them thanks to Plagueis' 'Midi-chlorian manipulation' technique, he didn't want to risk them comming back permanently. Behind him were two blobs of organic materials. Jacen had created them from nothing, using the midi-chlorian manipulation. Infused with these organic blobs were metal parts, though the blobs had initially been alive but without any sort of mind, thought or feeling, they had quickly died when Jacen had used the force to give them robotic extensions. In his hand however, he held a perfect sphere with a robotic shell. He could sense the creature inside was still alive, he had managed to perfect the skill and was now ready to use it for his real plan.

Jacen walked forward twoards what you could describe as four organic pedestals. Each one with a white crystal sat atop it. The organic pedestals though did not link into the mechanical floor of the ship he was onboard. This was the problem he had, he'd created this organic implants for the ship but with no way to actually make them intergrate into the ship... Until now... He ebgan focusing on the bottom of the pedestals, he could feel the blood flowing through them, the coldness of the metal floor forcing the blood to warm the skin of the grey creature as it passed through. Stretching a tiny bit further he could then feel the electronic circuits of the floor, the pulses of electricity shooting through in pulses, not so disimilar to the way blood pumped through the pedestal. Stretching further he could feel all four of the pedestals and the floor beneath them. This was nothing, he was almost as powerful as a Force Nexus... Almost... He began melding the machinery to the organic pedestals, carefully ensuring that both were left intact and were perfectly linked.

"Mr Valor." A voice came over the intercomm. It was one of his house staff from Valor Estate. He'd needed a crew he could trust, so he'd brought his entire hosue staff from Dantooine- the place he had been living before going to Nam Chorios and starting this new quest of his. Lucky it wasn't enough to distract him and he completed the melding.

"What?" He replied calmly as he pressed the comm button on the room's wall.

"We've arrived at Anaxes, the Wayland Empire fleet is here just as you predicted." The voice replied.

"Keep a distance and keep shields at full power." Jacen said and then walked back over to the pedistals. Each one now had a purpose, it would provide additional power to certain systems... Jacen stepped infront of the one for the shields and used Force Lightning on it. A small dome shaped shield quickly activated around the crystal as the force lightningb egan reflecting off from it. Jacen watched as the lightning began bouncing around inside the dome. Jacen stepped back over to the comm button. "The Tsil is powering our shields, take us closer to the fleet."

It was a long journey to the command room. Though it didn't seem to take him long. When he reached the bridge he main viewing screen, that was used for all visual transmissions, was activate and his son Atrum Ingenium was on it demanding to see whoever was in command of this ship.

"You will return that ship to us at once." Atrum said.

"This ship belongs to the Wayland Empire, correct?" Jacen stated, his voice would be slightly different to what Atrum was used to- that was something he and his clone had different... Their voices.

"Yes." Atrum replied.

"Well then it belongs to me." Jacen said as he stepped up to the view screen. he saw as Atrum registered slight shock at seeing 'Redack'. "No, i'm not Redack... Well not since my clone started using that name. You can call me Jacen Valor, because I know I don't deserve to be your dad..."

"There are two of you?" Atrum asked, clearly confused.

"Yes... But that isn't important. I have altered CABAL's mind by interfacing it with mine, the Wayland Empire in its entirity is mine again and there are going to be a few changes." Jacen stated. "First of all is the announcement that i'm reforming my Empire to become the Celestial Ascendancy. Second is i'm going to be placing a bounty, so i'd appreciate it if you could inform our soliders incase they want to claim it."

"As you wish." Atrum said. Jacen would need to talk privatly to him after this was over. The screen went blank. it then re-activated am inute later...

~Transmission to the Galaxy~

"Peoples of the Galaxy. You may recognise me as Redack, however this is a lie... I am Jacen Valor, Supreme Chancellor of the Celestial Ascendancy and I have an offer...

As of now there shall be a bounty on the head of every single Jedi that exists in this Galaxy. 50,000,000 credits will be awarded for each LIVING Jedi brought to me... Their condition is irrelivant so long as they are alive and able to use the Force...

And to the Sith Empire, although we have no desire to engage in war with you there have been considerable resources spent, by the Wayland Empires previous owner, on an invasion plan for Coruscant. We will not allow your take over of Coruscant to make these resources be wasted, you will either provide us with payment for this lost resources or you will surrender Coruscant to us... The choice is yours."
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Anaxes- Through power, I gain victory.
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