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 Bothawui - Employing Some Help -

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PostSubject: Bothawui - Employing Some Help -   Sun Jan 18, 2009 4:33 pm

Pathetic.... Jedi, the most lethal fighters in the galaxy, had slightly less courage than a puppy dog. You nearly end one's life in a matter of seconds, dispose of your weapons, then get the job halfway done only to find another one backing up it's fallen comrade. Sad really, all this hype he'd been hearing about the force had done little to nothing for solidifying his fear in it. In fact, at this point he would probably have rather fought another force user than some of the mercenary commando's he's had to take down. They at least produce a scratch or two on him.

Speaking of mercenary's, he knew a few that had got quite close to him on a rescue mission he did on Kashyyyk. That was a few year's back, but he was sure the boys would be up for a hunt, they always were. It didn't hurt that the money was all theirs if they caught this Terand fellow. He just wanted that spot on Vjun, that's what this whole thing had been about thus far.

He had located his weapons atop the roof of Bernie's and stored them in his speeder. His hood was up at this point, so not to give a definitive identity.

The speeder stopped outside a relatively small cantina in the Red Light District. Upon entering the place he was greeted with the angry stare of Lord Taron Bashwin and his crew of thugs. He silently sighed at the foolishness of the men in the corner, trying to up their stake with Lord Bashwin by throwing a comment about his appearance. All murmurs stopped when he lowered the hood, revealing his identity.

"Harmony! My boy! What brings you to this part of the galaxy! Let me guess you were responsible for all the uproar from mid town earlier today, huh?" The lord smiled whole heartedly, throwing one of his men from a seat at the bar and offering it up to the assassin.

Harmony took the stool, hunching his back over and staring straight into the eyes of the man before him he whispered a few sentences so not to let the whole bar know what he was up to.

"Yeah Bash, that was me. Seems the bounty on that Jedi knight is going to be a lot more work than I thought. I need your help on this one, you know you owe me more than a few favors anyway."

The Lord Bashwin winced at this comment. Harmony knew this would get under his skin. As corrupt a man as he was, he kept his word. Everyone knew this, he was like the Godfather of this system. It was quite an insult, but out of respect Lord Bashwin took it in stride, letting his teeth grind for just a few seconds before signaling his men to leave the room.

"Well Harm, what... what is it you had in mind?"

Harmony straightened up, his stare turned to a menacing glare. His body shifted in the seat for a brief second and then he started, without hesitation.

"The Jedi knight, he isn't anything special in combat. I already dispersed of him once in fact, and had that Sith not directed me to keep him alive, I'd be a rich man now. He has another with him, however... a body guard of sorts. She is smarter, she is the one we need to worry about at this point. I can handle it, but I need help. I need you to track every ship in and out of this system, you get me their next location and you get a tracker planted at customs. Once that's done I take six of your best with me and whatever equipment you got here I may need and we go kill the body guard, and get a hold of the target."

The lord winced, almost alarmed by the last sentence. Killing a Jedi was no easy task, even for a skilled hunter like Harmony. He had faith however, and leaned forward so that his eyes locked the bounty hunters once again.

"I know I owe you, but this is too much to be done for free. What's my part of the prize?"

"1,000,000 credits"

The Lord's face turned to a smile again as he looked up to the ceiling, almost day dreaming over the large amount he was so generously offered.

"You really are serious about this, huh?"

Harmony got out of the chair and walked to the door, covering his face once more he muttered back on the way out.

"I will not rest until they are dead. If we are done here I'd like you to commence with the bargain. We need to hurry. I want to know if they are the only ones present on that ship. Get it done, I will be back in four hours."

With that the door slammed and he was gone.
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Bothawui - Employing Some Help -
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