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 Coruscant - Like a Game

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PostSubject: Coruscant - Like a Game   Fri Jan 23, 2009 2:50 am

The bar was a desolate place. In a shambling state of disrepair, there was not a light in the building that glowed with a noticeable array of hope. Lights flickered on and off, adding to the less-than-hospitable atmosphere of the place. Tables were overturned, some were in pieces, and even more appeared destroyed beyond all repair. In some places of the bar, blood was splattered on the walls in horrific patterns of death. Oddly, the smell of blood did not permeate the throughout the bar. Surely this bar had been shut down months ago, as it would appear that it was very high class before its... accident. Behind the blood were marble walls of alabaster white and it was very large. Alas this was not the case, as the bar had only recently met with its demise.

In the very back of the bar, there sat a single table that was sitting intact. A shadow could be seen hovering about the table, drinking a large glass of water. Kavis Knesos sat alone in the bar, as he had so many times in the past. Kavis had only recently made his return to Coruscant, and the bar had not welcomed him back with satisfactory conditions. Taking a final sip from the glass of water, Kavis replaced it on the table before lifting it with the Force and juggling it about his head like a small toy. Looking up from beneath his hood, Kavis sensed that a group of people were approaching the bar. And they didn't seem overly friendly.

A group of vigilantes had come to investigate the disturbance at the bar, and unfortunately for them, the disturbance had not yet left the bar. A man kicked down the door and was met with a glass exploding in his face. Kavis stood up from his table with a clenched fist. The man fell backwards screaming with glass shards piercing his face in several places. Blood trickled down his face as he writhed in anguish. His companions, at first in shock, had poured into the door, aiming blasters harmlessly at Kavis. Wasting no time, they opened fire on the shadow. Red blaster bolts flew through the air as Kavis casually unclenched his fist and summoned his lightsaber hilt to his outstretched hand.

A snap-hiss as the lightsaber activated. A golden blade poured forth from the prison that was its hilt perfectly in time to deflect away every shot that had been fired. Swinging the lightsaber forward at last, he cast one of the blaster bolts right back at its shooter. The man screamed as his face was melted and he fell to the ground still and unmoving. The other two shooters looked at eachother for a moment before Kavis rushed forward, blade in hand and sliced one in two at the chest. A look of shock on his face as he begged his companion to flee before his eyes glossed over, and his body fell in two.

As for the final shooter, he barely had any time to react before Kavis produced his left hand, and unleashed a Force Strike at the man. Perhaps this could be considered the most merciful death of the group, as Kavis instantly smashed the man's head with the force of several powerful Force Pushes at once. The final shooter died instantly. Regaining his full composure, Kavis spun his lightsaber in his hand as he deactivated it, retracting the golden blade once more into the hilt. Replacing it on his belt, his attention was called to the groaning in the door.

Blood pooled around the man who was still lying in the doorway with shards of horribly painful glass littering his face. Slowly bringing his hand out to the man, Kavis used the Force to drag him across the ground till he was directly in front of him. Force Gripping the man's throat, Kavis lifted him into the air till he looked him directly in the eye. The pain in the man's eyes appeared to blind him as Kavis tore the shards of glass from his body. Finally Kavis returned to his seat, carrying the man with him. Looking up at the man from his seat, Kavis smiled.

It's like a game...

A snap of Kavis' wrist brought about a snap of the man's neck as his motionless form fell to the ground. Kavis raised his hand and retrieved another glass of water from the bar. Perhaps somebody else would come to visit.
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Coruscant - Like a Game
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