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 Scum of the Earth - Nar Shaddaa

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PostSubject: Scum of the Earth - Nar Shaddaa   Sat Jan 24, 2009 12:48 pm

~Darth Demaric stood silently in the middle of a bar located in the slums of Nar Shaddaa. His black hood and robe covered most of his identity; however, at his belt dangled two lightsabers and a blaster along with a few ins and oddities needed to disperse and kill crowds.

No one dared approach him and no one dared to question him. He was a black hole in the middle of the bar. Those foolish enough to pick a fight with him in their drunken stupor would find it to be there last one here.~
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PostSubject: Re: Scum of the Earth - Nar Shaddaa   Mon Jan 26, 2009 6:00 pm

Mike sauntered through the alley ways of Nar Shaddaa. Days before he had met a young girl who was to be trained in the ways of the force and a force user who had offered training as a bounty hunter. A deathstick was clenched between his lips and his Sith Marine cap. He wore his usual black t-shirt tucked into now digitally camouflaged trousers. The legs were bloused half way down coyote tan combat boots. The camouflage had black, brown and green squares arranged in a pattern that could hide him from even the most skilled snipers in a forest or jungle environment. The cap was the same camouflage as the trousers.

Mike had a lot on his mind. He had received orders the day before to get his Marines ready for war and to ship out to attack some planet named Kuat. He had heard of it before and wasn't impressed with the numbers against him. Fucking Pogue's, they never know what it's like to fight a battle with rifles and artillery, just their fancy glowbats. He shook his head, taking a long drag on his deathstick before taking it from his lips with his index and middle finger on his right hand.

The bar came into Mike's view and his facial expression went from stern to non-chalant. This is it, gotta be. Mike sauntered into the bar taking a long drag on his deathstick as he passed the first table. His left hand grasped the bill of his Sith Marine cap and pulled it off of his military cut head. His icy blue eyes searched the tabls in front of him, finally finding the force user he had met before. Mike made his way to him, opening his mouth and letting his young yet stern voice fill the room.

"Mmmm 'ey you! Yeah, you're plans need me or something? I just got a call from the Delta Lima, gotta ship out for war here pretty soon." Mike didn't care if anyone in the bar heard him.
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Scum of the Earth - Nar Shaddaa
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