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 Wayland (Hyperspace)- Verd ori'shya beskar'gam!

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PostSubject: Wayland (Hyperspace)- Verd ori'shya beskar'gam!   Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:05 am

((Character: Jarek Seror))


"Kaysh guur' skraan." Darjer, one of his Mando brothers, said.

"Gar klesir'dush vod'ika!" Said ori'vod 'Big Brother'. He was the oldest of them, thus he was ori'vod. Jarek however, who was currently eating almost everything on the circular table infront of the six of them, was the youngest of them aged 18 and thus was vod'ika 'Little Brother'.

"Lek? Gar kebbur jurkadir chakaaryc osik." Jarek replied. A joke about their previous mission. Laughter erupted from his vode, and from himself quickly after them. Once they stopped laughing, a silence fell over them. He and his six Mando brothers might have been well trained, but they still got tired after any hard mission just like ordinary men and women. Vod'ika, Darjer, Etmar and Teno each went to their rooms in the ship. Jarek and Tyro stayed behind, finishing off the meal for their vode.

"Ibac evaar'la beskar'gam..." Jarek started, but he soon remembered that vod Tyro wasn't very good at Mando'a and switched to speaking Basic. "That new armour worked well, I can't imagine I'd be here without it."

"Lek, ner vod." Tyro said, he wasn't good at Mando'a but he knew enough. "Once we drop off the cargo we'll get some better besbe'trayce!"

~6 Hours Previous~

"Di'kut aru'e." Ori'vod could be heard saying on their private comm channel as he watched the path below. It roughly translated as 'idiot enemies'. "Vod'ika you're with me. The rest of you, take up positions on the hill sides and ambush them when I give the signal. Oya!"

All six of them were wearing some new Verpine designed armour built entirely from beskar and another more felxiable material hidden underneath to allow movement at the joints. Jarek's was black with a dark green visor on the helmet, Ori'vod however had his entirely in a dark blue colour- which was to be expected. His buir had worn dark blue armour, but that had been lost. Ori'vod had vowed his next armour would be in the same colour, to respect his father... Ori'vod and Jarek stepped out onto a muddy path and began following it down towards the convoy they were about to ambush.

"Intendify yourselves, Mandalorians!" A guard from the convoy said, the entire convoy behind him stopped as he continue towards them.

"Di'kut." Ori'vod said on the private comm channel, no one outside their helmets couldp ossibly hear what he had said. "Jii!"

Blaster fire came from both sides of the path. Yellow, purple, red and even a silver colour. Most of the guards at the convoy were dead from the first few shots. The guard approaching Jarek and Ori'vod was shot dead the moment he let himself be distracted by the blaster fire behind him.

"Good shooting Vod'ika." Ori'vod said. Then, out of nowhere came several bugs. More than several, it looked like hundreds of them. And they were bug... Very big. Their appearace caught them all by supprised, but then who could really have expected hundreds of giant bugs to emerge from the ground. In the confusion one managed to jump and Jarek and knocked him off his feet, causing him to land on the side of the path with his back in a pile of dung. His blaster rifle landed close enough from him to grab it but with a giant bug ontop of him it wasn't much use. He brought up his right hand and a small sphere like object came out of it, it stuck itself onto the bug... Closely followed by the small bang of the bomb going off. Geart, now his new armour was covered in dung and insect guts. He'd certainly klesir'dush after all this. He stood up, rifle now in hand and saw Ori'vod running otwards him. "Get moving Vod'ika!"

Jarek didn't hesitate, he turned around and began running. The two of them ran alone for a while, alone if you ignored the massive swarm of Killiks chasing them, at least he asumed they were Killiks- if not then the Wayland Empire, who they were stealing from just now, had gained a few more allies than their client had reported.


"We should visit Wayland again some time." Tyro joked.

"Speak for yourself ner vod." Jarek only found it slightly amusing. He was glad to be off that planet and in hyperspace. In a few hours they'd make it to Corellia, get rid of the crystal that Ori'vod had stolen and take with them a nice sum of credits...
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Wayland (Hyperspace)- Verd ori'shya beskar'gam!
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