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 Corellia - Seeds of Revenge

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PostSubject: Corellia - Seeds of Revenge   Wed Jan 28, 2009 12:22 am

"Closed Post"

Corric stared blankly at the elevator door, his face sullen and his slouched and morbid. As the elevator door beeped open, Corric struggled to move. He simply gazed outward at the receptionist located at the end of the room. A look of shock crossed her face as her eyes found. Corric in the elevator. He still didn’t move… he was frozen in place, struggling to move. But as the doors slowly began to close, Corric lifted his hand, gripping the edge to sling himself out into the room. Now that he had started, there was no turning back.

“I’m going to see, Dakar..”

Corric grumbled, doing his best to avoid eye contact.

“He’s…” The receptionist struggled to find words. “But he’s in…”

Corric wasn’t stopping, taking the most direct path to the door before it suddenly slid open. Dakar was escorting two gentlemen out, exchanging goodbye’s. Corric had forgotten how charismatic his uncle was, and how he was turn a hostile business deal into a casual sit down. But Corric's presence was enough to knock Dakar off balance, something that never happed.

“Umm… Gentlemen if you will excuse me, I have something urgent to attend to."

He said with a smile, glancing nervously at Corric.

“Tyla, please hold all calls. Me and Corric need to speak.”

Dakar said, his secretary nodding with confirmation. Not that Dakar would have seen it, his expression locked in shock. He tried to speak, only mumbled words indistinguishable spilling under his breath. Finally, he composed himself and motioned Corric to follow, leading the two into his office.

"Its good to see you Corric..." Dakar said, his voice warm and genuine.

"How long has it been? Ten years maybe?"

Dakar added, his voice now more inquisitive. Corric did not answer, simply taking a seat opposite his uncle at the desk. His elbow resting on the glass desk in front of him, his hand holding his head just above his brow, casting a mournful shadow upon his face.

“The last thing I said to him… was that I hated him.” Corric's voice was broken and wavering, his face contorted as he held back tears. “I never wanted to see him again, and now I regret everything.”

“I am not a man of wisdom Corric, but I know your father better then anyone. And Naboo was horrible, and dishonorable. It would have meant the world to him to make peace with you.”

Dakar said, struggling to find words of comfort before realizing there was noting to say.

“Corric… your father was a man of the people, and it is a crime that he was killed. Those responsible for his death. Those who brought an struck the down the Republic. Those who would destroy justice in the galaxy in the name of galactic “order?”. Corric… they must be brought to justice. I need your help Corric.”

Corric’s eye’s lifted to Dakar. What sadness had plauged him, and now turned to rage. Revenge was in order.
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Corellia - Seeds of Revenge
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