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 Kuat - The Beginning

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PostSubject: Kuat - The Beginning   Wed Feb 18, 2009 8:24 am

“Hey Sergeant, you think we’re gonna see any action soon?” Aiden looked at the young Marine that addressed him. His hazel eyed stare created chills down the Private’s spine. Aiden’s nickname for the Private was Grubber. He remembered the first time he saw the Private, Grubber was stuffing his face with food, going back for seconds and then thirds. He named him Grubber for eating like a grub. Aiden adverted his gaze down to his MR-1 that lay in his lap.

“Yeah, we’re on this ship for a reason.” Aiden sighed and closed his eyes. The Privates in his squad were too eager to fight. Most of them probably won’t survive. The Corporal to Aiden’s right watched him. Aiden could feel him watching and opened his eyes. The two shared knowing glances. They were thinking the same thing about the privates. Everyone called the Corporal “Senator” because his father was a senator in the Galactic Senate at one point. Senator had been with Aiden during Yaga Minor. He had proven himself a good fighter. The Corporal siiting next to Senator smiled. Aiden looked at him. Everyone called him Joker because he made fun of every situation. Although he was a crack shot and fought just as hard as everyone else on Yaga Minor, Joker was never serious and almost always laughed about something.

“C’mon Grubber! Just think, in a couple of hours or so, you could be dead!” Joker started laughing. Grubber was horrified. Aiden watched, becoming slightly amused. Shit, kid probably won’t survive anyway.

“What!?” Grubber gasped and gripped his MR-1 tighter. Joker laughed even harder. Senator shook his head. Aiden started chuckling.

“Rule number one, Grubber: Don’t fucking die,” Aiden stated bluntly between chuckles. Senator nodded in agreement.

“Despite you fuckers being useless we need you. Who knows, you may even survive and outlive the rest of us.” Senator started laughing. Joker was practically falling backwards because he was laughing so hard. Aiden chuckled lightly and looked at Senator with a knowing stare.

“Chances are fucking slim.” Grubber tried to look okay with it all. He laughed and smiled but he had a cold sweat running down his forehead. The three veterans knew Grubber was scared. Aiden turned his gaze to him, Aiden’s smile fading. “Just stay on our asses and do what you’re told, you should be fine.” Grubber nodded and stared down at his MR-1.

Aiden pulled the bolt back on his MR-1 and peered inside the chamber. The internal magazine lay completely empty. It was a sad sight indeed. Aiden smirked and looked over to Grubber again. “Hey, do me a favor. Go get a couple boxes of ammo for me.” Grubber nodded quickly and frantically scurried out of the room in search of the supply officer. Aiden released the bolt, letting it quickly slide back into place.

Two privates entered the room then. Joker yelled a greeting. Senator slapped Joker for being too loud. Aiden looked up at the two privates who now stood before him. The one of the left was nicknamed Tiger for a tiger stripe tattoo along his ribs. The one on the right was named Rabbit for his ability to run faster than anyone in the battalion. If there were two new privates he was proud to have in his squad, it was these two.

“Hey Sergeant, did you hear what First Platoon got?” Tiger spoke in an Asian accented voice. Aiden shook his head and went back to fooling around with the bolt of his MR-1. Tiger continued while Rabbit sauntered over to a bunk across from Aiden and sat down on it. “They got a guy, some Staff Sergeant, from the Seventh ARC. He was at Yaga Minor, dude!”

With out looking up, Aiden gave a reply in a cold tone. “Maybe so, but he wasn’t at Obiqtorate. Only we were at Obiqtorate, Tiger.” Tiger cocked his head. He didn’t understand. Only Aiden and the veterans of the 1st Battalion understood. If they didn’t fight with the Marines on the soil that the Marines fought and died on, then they didn’t have it as bad. Or so, that’s what the Marines thought. It was a culture like no other.

Tiger shook his head and sat down next to Rabbit. Joker pulled out a deck of cards and everyone but Aiden started playing a game of poker to pass the time. Grubber came back with two boxes of slugs. Exactly what Aiden had requested. Aiden stood up and took the boxes from Grubber with a nod. “Good boy, now go sit down.” Grubber did so without question or hesitation. Aiden shook his head at the obedience he had. He’d be killed for sure.

A combat knife found its way into Aiden’s right hand as he carried both boxes with his left hand. They weren’t very big and not that heavy at all. Each box held enough for a single person. Aiden had taught his squad to take an extra box when ever they could. It was stealing Sith Armada property, but they were Marines- they needed the extra ammunition. Aiden sat down on the bunk he was sitting on earlier and cut the boxes open with the knife. As suddenly as it had appeared, the knife disappeared and Aiden tore open the boxes and started taking out the n-bloc clips of eight slugs per clip. He pulled the bolt back on his rifle and carefully inserted on of the clips into the internal magazine. As soon as he released pressure on the clip, the bolt snapped shut and the first round was chambered. The rest of the clips went into different pouches along the black vest that lay beside him. He was all ready to go.

Grubber was sent out several more times to get more and more boxes of ammunition for everyone in the squad, who all sat in the tiny room now. It didn’t take long for everyone in the squad to get their fill of ammunition. Aiden looked at the entire squad. Joker and Senator still sat on the bunk next to his own bunk. Grubber now sat down in the chair he was sitting in before Aiden made him go get ammunition. Tiger and Rabbit sat in the same bunk. There were seven others in the room now, all new privates. It was funny, they all sat in a line on Tiger and Rabbit’s bunk. There was Virus, who got his name because he could hack computers and knew well over fifty viruses. Eagle got his name due to his amazing eyes sight. Sleeper got his name because no matter what was going on, he could always find a way to get some sleep. Juggernaut was named for his large muscles and go get ‘em attitude. Eskimo got his name because he came from a planet in the outer rim where the highest temperature was thirty below zero. Oddball got his name for just being weird. Snake got his name, because no matter where you were, he always snuck up on people. He had the ambush talents of a God. All of them had their own little specialties and quirks. It was like the squad before Yaga Minor, only, everyone had no combat experience that time. This time Aiden, Joker, and Senator were veterans and knew what to do.

Aiden’s thoughts were interrupted by the intercom. “Attention Marines. All platoons of the First Battalion are to report to the hangar bay most ricky tick.” Aiden sighed and stood up. The Marines in his squad stood up and followed him out the door. Each one had already loaded their rifles and now scrambled to put their vests and helmets on. The uniforms hadn’t changed from the invasion of Yaga Minor. Olive drab fatigues made out of wool with a steel-pot helmet with clothe camouflage cover. A black patch with a white skull was sewn into both sleeves up near the shoulder. The skull had a black triangular symbol on the forehead. It was their emblem.

The hangar bay was completely filled with the 1st Battalion. Delta Company was on the far side from the entrance. Aiden pushed through the crowded area to get to his platoon commander. They stood there and chatted amongst themselves for a few minutes before a Marine jumped up onto the wing of an AIAT. Everyone knew who it was- he had done this before the Yaga Minor invasion; it was Mike, their Commandant and Aiden’s unknowing father. “Alright Marines, I’m not gonna blow sunshine up your asses- this is gonna be a tough fight. All six battalions are in this fight. The difference between this operation and others is what you and Second Battalion are going to be doing.” Mike paused. Aiden stood still and rigid, watching his father. “The planet we’re about to hit is called Kuat and it’s heavily defended by a fleet, orbiting shipyards, and a good million storm troopers. Intel says there’s even a division of shock troopers on the surface. The First is gonna breach the shipyards and fuck the shit out of the inside of them. The Second is gonna do some hard core boarding action and fuck up the orbiting ships. They’re gonna try to take some over so we’ll have a few new toys and fire supports. The other battalions are headed straight for the surface but in different areas. We’ll be spread thin and we’ll be up against more than we can count. I can’t tell you how important this rock is to the Armada because quite frankly, I don’t know myself. All I know is that we were ordered here under the strictest orders, so it’s gotta be important. We CAN’T lose, Marines.”

Everyone cheered. Aiden stayed silent. He had a bad feeling about this operation. Aiden felt the ship slow down. They had dropped out of hyperspace. The planet called Kuat lay outside in the view of the hangar bay. Mike jumped off of the wing and someone yelled to board the transports. Everyone scrambled into them. Aiden boarded an empty one and his squad followed. Another squad filled the transport. Seconds later, Aiden felt a jerk on his body- the AIAT had taken off. The engines revved harder than Aiden had ever heard them. The pilot was pushed the craft to its limit. They had to force their way into the shipyard quickly or they’d be obliterated for sure.
Aiden could hear lasers firing and the AIAT’s own weapons firing back. But soon all was silent except for the engines of the transport which grew to a point where Aiden had to cover his ears. They had flown straight into one of many hangar bays. It was completely unprotected, so the AIAT pilot dropped the ramp and the Marines filed out quickly and set up positions while more and more transports carrying the 1st Battalion flew into the hangar. Due to the amount of transports, the battalion was split by the four companies into four different hangar bays. All had been successfully infiltrated without incident or loss.

Once Aiden’s boots touched the floor of the hangar bay, he went off at a run towards the door that led inwards from the hangar. His squad followed close behind except for Rabbit who passed Aiden and made it to the door which had finally been locked down. When he got there, he started placing an explosive device in the middle of the doors. Aiden put his back to the wall on the right side of the door. Around the door there was a small lip that protruded from the rest of the wall, Aiden wanted to use that as a form of cover. The others in his squad followed suite. Rabbit finished placing the explosives on the door and sprinted away for about twenty feet before dropping down on his knees and then finally side as he triggered the explosives.

The explosion rocked the hangar bay and tore a giant hole through the door. Shrapnel skimmed the protruding lip that Aiden was taking cover behind. The burning metal was so close to is body that he could feel it whizzing passed him. A second later, Aiden was rushing through the door with twelve other Marines behind him and another two-hundred-forty after shortly after. They were in.


As the 1st Battalion infiltrated the shipyards, 2nd Battalion started the ever daunting task of boarding and capturing enemy ships. They were split into the four different companies and traveled in small packs of AIAT’s. The 2nd Battalion started boarding the first few ships, coming across stiff opposition from the Imperial Marines on board. One by one, the ships were either captured or blown apart if the opposition got too fierce. The battalion couldn’t get caught up in needless hours of firefighting- they had to keep moving no matter the loses and no matter what the enemy threw at them. If they didn’t, the whole operation would be doomed.

The 3rd Battalion landed without incident in a small clearing of woods. They started moving east until they came to the end of the woods where a vast field of plains lay in waiting. Lining these plains, were entrenched Imperial stormtroopers, waiting for the Marines to enter. The 3rd Battalion knew they could sit and wait and they couldn’t get artillery support, so they began a relentless assault against the entrenched enemy.

The 4th Battalion landed under fire at Tekshar Falls. The large casino entrance was a fortified bunker now. The Marines took the high ground early on with minimum losses and then swept down and cleared out the lower ground, completely surrounding the entrance. They fired rockets and their rifles into the fortified position to try and loosen it or get the stormtroopers to surrender.

The 5th Battalion landed due north of the Gardens of Tralala. When the entire battalion was on the ground and ready, they moved south to the edge of the gardens. They found a thick pocket of determined stormtroopers. The Marines pushed inward toward the center of the gardens.

The 6th Battalion landed in the middle of the Nebula Orchid. They found that they were completely surrounded and outmanned, so they set up a perimeter and ambush points along the edge of the orchid and then set up a main defense around the center. As the Imperials began assaulting the position, the Marines fought like demons to protect their position. There would be no surrendering and no giving up, they were there to stay, or to die.
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PostSubject: Re: Kuat - The Beginning   Wed Feb 18, 2009 10:53 pm

It had been an hour since the 1st Marine Battalion of the Sith Armada had infiltrated the shipyards above Kuat. The battalion, already holding four companies, had split up in the beginning and infiltrated from four different hangar bays. Delta Company had infiltrated the hangar bay closest to the Section III Control Center. It was the room the Marines were going to clear next, except the Imperials locked down the doors before the Marines could get inside. Despite the Imperial’s trying very hard to stop the Marines’ advance, the Marines had very little opposition, or at least Delta Company did.

Aiden slammed his fist into the metal door to the control center. He turned around to see his entire squad watching him intently. Most of them had rolled up their sleeves. Senator and Grubber were the only ones that kept their sleeves down. Aiden himself had completely taken off his blouse and tied it around his waist, creating a sort of kama. A black t-shirt, Sith Marine issue, was left in its place upon Aiden’s body. His hazel eyes searched his squad for answers, though they figure he was just thinking.

The door was locked by a computer on the inside, however, every door on an Imperial station has two sets of key-pads; one was on the inside, one was on the outside. Aiden looked around and found the key-pad that belonged on the outside. He turned to Virus, sweat dripping down his face. “Virus, hack that computer. Tell me everything you can do once you’re in.”

“Roger that, Sergeant,” Virus confirmed with a small smirk. He slung his MR-1 over his shoulder and started typing on the key-pad. Aiden had never seen anyone type so fast. Grubber gripped his MR-1 tightly and had his back against the wall. He was breathing loudly, on the verge of whimpers. Aiden looked at him and cocked his eye brow. Grubber looked up and saw the gaze.

“I don’t think this is such a good idea, Sergeant. There could be a hundred Imper…” Aiden cut him off mid-sentence.

“Grubber, shut the fuck up!” Almost as soon as Aiden had closed his mouth Virus turned to him, keeping his hands on the key-pad.

“I’m in. I can open the door and the cut the lights but that’s about it.” Virus shrugged, he had done everything he could. Aiden nodded and looked over his squad. He could see the rest of 2nd Platoon running up farther down the hall. The Platoon Commander of ran in front. Beside him, Commandant Mike ran in stride. When the platoon was about twenty feet away, the hallway intercom screeched to life.

“Attention Sith! Cease and desist! You are trapped and surrounded! Surrender now and you may be shown mercy!” Aiden cocked an eye brow. He heard something from behind the door. He leaned toward it and put his ear up against it. He could hear the Imperial speaking into the intercom. Aiden smiled and he started to laugh. The door wasn’t sound proof. Imperial engineering for the win. Aiden put his back to the door and leaned his head back on it before yelling at the top of his lungs.

“Attention Imperial Shit-bags! Come get some, mother fuckers! You’ve got the Sith Marines riding your ass! Good fucking luck!” The squad laughed, all except Grubber who still tried to ready himself for combat even though he had already seen Aiden and the others kill about twenty stormtroopers already. The Platoon Commander stopped in front of Aiden with a confused expression. Aiden laughed even harder at having to explain himself. “The fuckers can hear us. The door’s not sound proof.” The Platoon Commander nodded slowly in understanding.

“Sergeant, get the door open.” Virus looked to Aiden for guidance. Aiden turned his gaze to Virus and nodded, giving him the go ahead. Aiden turned back to the Platoon Commander and the Commandant. His eyes searched Mike up and down. He looked exactly like Aiden but older, and Aiden carried his mother’s hazel eyes rather than Mike’s blue eyes. Aiden turned his head to listen in on the Imperials on the other side. Some shuffling peeked his interest, causing him to take out his MR-1’s bayonet. He fixed it to the end of his rifle and got back into position.

Mike cocked his head to the left while watching Aiden. Aiden looked familiar to him, but he couldn’t place a finger on it. “What’s with the bayonet, Sergeant?” Aiden didn’t look at Mike, staying in position as Virus neared completion.

“Well, we gotta make a flashy entrance after I did all that shit talkin’!” Joker laughed, the rest of the squad smiled. “Oh, by the way, you’re my father.”

“Makes sense, wait, what!?” Mike had a look of utter confusion about him. The Marines all around them had the same quizzical expression. Aiden turned his gaze to Mike and stared straight into his eyes.

“I am the result of your sperm connecting with a bitch’s ovaries, how else can I fucking explain it?” Aiden was a complete smartass, just like his father.

“I have a…” Aiden cut Mike off.

“Yeah, you have a son, he’s me! Congratulations on your parenthood! Mother’s a fucking wreck!” Virus was almost done. All he needed was to press the enter key and the door would open, but he was watching the show. Mike narrowed his eyes in disbelief at Aiden. Aiden erected himself off of the door and stood directly in front of Mike.

“What’s her name? Your Mother?” Mike was testing Aiden, making sure he wasn’t joking around.

“Kiera, and my name is Aiden. You should remember my name seeing as how I was a couple years old when you stopped writing.” Aiden stared directly into Mike’s eyes, his expression was set in a ‘don’t fuck with me’ way.

“Fuck…” Mike didn’t know what to say. Memories started flooding back to him and Aiden smirked, he had followed his orders from his Mother. Aiden turned around, pointing at Virus.

“Open this fucker.” Virus nodded and looked down at the key-pad, quickly reading everything before pressing enter. The door slid open and Aiden rushed through to the dismay of seven high ranking Imperial officers. Three of them had blaster pistols, Aiden fired three shots from his MR-1, dropping all three in a gory mess. The others looked on in horror as Aiden swept through the room towards the one at the intercom. Aiden’s squad burst into the room, sending a volley of armor piercing rounds at the three officers who didn’t hold any weapons.

The officer at the intercom stopped speaking into the microphone and started turning around. The man’s eyes were wide and his movements sluggish compared to Aiden’s. Aiden raised his MR-1 up to the right side of his head, twisting it so that the bolt faced his head rather than the ceiling. Another step and he was in range- Aiden thrust the rifle forward, the bayonet slicing through the officer’s flesh and stabbing his intestines. Aiden pulled the rifle back and waited a second. “Oorah, mother fucker,” Aiden stated as he thrust his right hand forward and pulled his left hand back, forcing the MR-1 into spinning like movement. The corner of the butt of the rifle smashed into the officer’s cheek and the man was thrown to the floor by the force of the blow. To make sure he was dead, Aiden fired two rounds into the officer’s head.

A sigh escaped Aiden’s lips as he lifted his gaze to see Joker playfully dry-tea-bagging one of the dead Imperial officers as he laughed and the rest of the squad crowded around him laughing. The Platoon Commander and Mike looked around in disbelief as Aiden took the microphone to the intercom. “Okay all you Imperial fucks, listen up carefully. This is Sergeant Avalos of the Sith Marines Corps, I’m here to fuck your day up so make it easy for me to my job and just give yourself up so we can shoot you effortlessly, yeah?” The platoon commander turned to Mike.

“You wanted to know who I thought was my best Marine- you’re looking at him.” Aiden overheard and winked at the platoon commander, ignoring Mike’s stare. He shut the intercom off and opened the next set of doors that would take them into Section IV of the shipyards. It was the middle section.

Aiden followed his squad out the door and the rest of 2nd Platoon followed Aiden closely. Juggernaut was on point on the left side of the hallway while Grubber was on point on the right side. Minutes passed but they felt like seconds. The platoon walked cautiously down the hall. Suddenly a noise echoed through the hall. It sounded like something snapping. Juggernaut stopped but Grubber was too scared to notice the sound and kept walking, putting Tiger next to Juggernaut when an explosion erupted from behind him. Juggernaut was blown apart while Tiger was torn to shreds by the shrapnel. Juggernaut died instantly, Tiger sat back against the wall screaming in pain as his body hung in strings around him. Eagle and Virus caught some shrapnel but not enough to do any serious damage. Joker and Senator helped them to their feet while Rabbit and Oddball ran up about ten feet ahead to set up a make shift perimeter.

Aiden sauntered to Tiger and crouched. Sleeper walked passed him and went to Grubber who lay on the floor scared out of his mind. Grubber whimpered and looked around in short jittery bursts. Sleeper kicked him and sneered. Grubber looked up at Sleeper and tried to control his breathing. He knew he should have been in Tiger’s place. Eskimo walked up and crouched next to Aiden as Aiden tried to comfort Tiger.

“Hey, Tiger, you’re gonna be all right, man. It’s just a flesh wound, you’ll be okay.” Tiger shook his head in denial. He knew he was going to die, no one even called a Corpsman for him. Eskimo had tears welling up in his eyes. Aiden had seen this type of death before on Yaga Minor; he was numb to it. Tiger pushed out his last breath staring straight into Aiden’s eyes. His body went limp and he fell over onto his side.
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PostSubject: Re: Kuat - The Beginning   Wed Feb 18, 2009 10:54 pm

The rest of the platoon walked cautiously up. Two Marines from 3rd Squad took the bodies back to the control center which would become Delta Company’s Command Post for now. The platoon took the loss on the chin and set forth once again. Grubber was on point on the right side again, but Eagle was on his left as the other point man. Aiden walked behind Grubber and beside Mike. The hallway turned and circled a few times, but the Marines kept on. Finally they came to a large door and stacked up on it. Virus got into position to hack the key-pad. He pressed enter as soon as he was done and the door slid open.

Aiden rushed in, pushing passed Grubber who hesitated. The room wasn’t a room at all, it was a fifth hangar bay completely untouched by the Marines. Broken ship parts and rubble patched the floors in heaping mounds and a low wall used to land TIE-fighters and bombers stood on either side about two feet tall. “SHIT!” Aiden screamed as he realized that he had just rushed into a fortified position. The Imperial Marines lined the other low wall and had set up five E-Web heavy repeaters aimed at the entrance. The hangar exploded with hails of blaster bolts. Aiden leaned back and slid down to the floor, putting himself below the low wall. Grubber was pushed to the ground by Sleeper as he rushed in. Half the squad was already on the floor at the low wall with Aiden but because of Grubber’s delay, Sleeper was not. A blaster bolt slammed into Sleeper’s face as he stepped out of the door. His head kicked back and his body tilted backwards until he landed on his back, dead. Grubber screamed and began crawling frantically for the low wall. The rest of the platoon ran in, about five more Marines getting cut down by the multitude of blaster bolts flying around them.

Aiden shook his head at the loss of yet another one of his squad members. He raised his MR-1, which had three rounds left in the internal magazine, and fired off the three rounds within two seconds at an Imperial who crouched behind the forward low wall. The last round smashed through the Imperial’s visor and killed him instantly. It was a battle over accuracy and suppression, with the lines drawn about two hundred feet apart from each other. Aiden turned to his platoon commander who lay in a prone position with Mike sitting up with his back against a pile of rubble.

“Papa Sierra! We need another platoon, this isn’t gonna work!” Aiden screamed at the top of his lungs. The platoon commander looked over and nodded. He picked up a hand set and keyed in to the Company command network. It didn’t take long to connect, and reinforcements were requested. Delta Company’s commander was sending 3rd Platoon to help out.

What felt like an eternity passed without any movement on either side. The Sith Marines fired at the Imperial Marines from the cover of piles of rubbles and the low wall, and vise versa. Finally 3rd Platoon made it and crawled into position without loss. Soon the sound of weapons firing became twice as loud as the Imperial Marines brought up reinforcements of their own. One of Delta Company’s machine gun teams ran up with an E-web. They set it up behind the low wall and started spraying wildly at all the targets they were presented with. Aiden watched with a smirk. Get some, Repeaters!

Aiden turned around to face Eskimo. The Marine who had survived sub-zero temperatures for his entire life, raised his head to fire another round from his rifle when a blaster bolt punctured his steel helmet and splattered his brains out the back of his head. Eskimo fell backwards, his face a smoldering hole. Aiden swore loudly and fired off an entire clip, dropping two Imperials. His mind was racing. He felt like he had to do something. If they didn’t move they were dead, and if they did move they were dead. What a vicious cycle we’ve put ourselves into.

The 3rd Platoon’s leader signaled a charge. Aiden was watching Mike as Mike looked on in horror. The leader of the 3rd Platoon stood up, followed by his Marines. The Imperials made it into a turkey shoot. A lot of Marines went down instantly, many more made it to the other side of the wall before being shot and killed. A few of the Marines in the platoon smartened up and dove back down into cover. The action was costly but it confirmed Mike’s biggest fear. The Marines had walked into a stand still with no wear to go.

Aiden crawled over to Mike, seeing that he was distressed. “What hell’s got you in such a bad mood?” Aiden joked with Mike, seeing if it would help. Mike looked at him and shook his head, placing his forehead in his palm. A death stick almost magically appeared in Mike’s hands and was lit. Aiden looked at the bodies of the Marines of 3rd Platoon which were sprawled about on the hangar’s left flank. A lot of good men just fucking died… great.

“Sergea… Aiden. Tell me, do you think we’ll be able to take this hangar within the hour?” Mike’s face was set in a serious expression. So much for joking.

“From what I just saw, no. It’d take days until either we ran out of ammo and Marines or until they do.” Aiden was completely honest. He wasn’t going to lie to Mike and get any more Marines killed than there already were.

“Our orders are to neutralize these shipyards. Problem is, if we don’t do it fast, they could possibly bombard the battalions on the ground. I need your help, Aiden. What do you think?”

“Well, you said neutralize. So let’s blow these shipyards to hell and let 2nd Battalion do the rest of the job kicking the shit out of the ships. It’s the only way I see us getting off this thing alive and not having it in enemy hands.”

“Fuck, I was afraid of that.” Mike sighed. Aiden watched him intently. His hazel eyes picked up Mike’s hand movement as Mike reached into his pocket and pulled out a handset. He keyed into the entire Marine network. Any Marine in any battalion, would be able to hear the message. “Marines, this is the Commandant. All Marines of the 1st Battalion are to report back to their staging areas immediately. Disengage and just GO!” Mike looked at Aiden and then at Aiden’s squad. “Aiden, get your hacker and get him to hack into the network from the control center. Self destruct this mother fucker.”

“Roger that. Virus, get yourself over here!” Aiden turned to his squad. Virus crawled over. “Go back to the control center and hack into the main network. Set this thing to self destruct.”

“Uh, roger that.” Virus hesitated for a second, not sure of what to do or say. Finally as Aiden motioned for him to move like he had meaning, Virus got to his feet and sprinted back to the control center. Aiden looked at what was left of his squad, a shell of its former self.


1st Battalion: After taking half the sections in the shipyards, the Marines ran into stiff opposition. It was so stiff that the Marines were deadlocked in fierce combat with the Imperials. This force the 1st Battalion to self destruct the shipyards after they had evacuated. Any Imperials in the shipyards would be killed as fire and explosions rocked every inch of the orbiting platform. Now in orbit, the 1st Battalion descended to the surface to help out the 3rd Battalion.

2nd Battalion: As the 1st Battalion ran into the trouble, so did the 2nd. The difference is that the 2nd wasn’t able to just blow up their battlefield, they had to fight and take over each and every ship. Those that they couldn’t, they evacuated and fired on it from the ships that they had captured until it was crippled or descending in a ball of flames.

3rd Battalion: The Marines of the 3rd Battalion were able to take the first few lines of trenches but are now dead locked in fierce fighting with Imperial Stormtroopers who, strangely, are fighting to the death.

4th Battalion: The Marines were finally able to soften up the entrance and gained a foothold within the casino. Now they’re working their way inwards at a slow but steady pace due to the amount of opposition they are incountering.

5th Battalion: The Marines completely rolled over the stormtrooper positions, killing every last one with minimum casualties. Now they’re working their way through a set of trenches on the Western flank of the plains.

6th Battalion: Still surrounded and fighting fiercely, the 6th Battalion is fending off attacks from not only elite stormtrooper units but shocktrooper units as well. The situation is looking grim but their giving the Imperials hell.
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Kuat - The Beginning
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